About Us

Palazzo De Marinis, located in the very heart of the old town, centre of Bitonto, date back to the 17th century, while its completion , as shown by the engraving on a stone staircase, is dated 1858.

Outside, on the portal that overlooks Margherita Da Durazzo square, there is the old family crest, but to date, it remains only at the base.

The name “La Chianca” refers to the flooring of the location, building with stones that characterize the old town called “Chianca”.

As testified the ancient cadastral planimetry . Initially the building was only the ground floor, intended for the storage of agricultural products, confirmed by the presence of oil cistern.

Here was founded the restaurant “La Chianca” from the entrepreneurial idea of the Verriello family. They after accurate restructing , decided to use it as a restaurant.

Our cousine is renewed continuously with plates that respect our culinary culture enriched by the creativity and experience of the chef.

Furthermore, for those who love pizza, it is possible to choose various types of pizza, all cooked in a wood-buring oven.

Dating back to the 19th century, there have been the main floor and the top floor. The main floor features a large central hall, illuminated by large window, which overlooks other smaller rooms.

The “Aristocratic hall” opens its doors to our guests to celebrate important event .

The top floor, which in ancient times was intended to accommodate the servants of the palace, became B&B “La Chianca Home” after reconstruction. Rooms and Suites with modern details, are waiting for stay of pleasure and relaxation.

The property welcomes you to celebrate events such as private parties, small reception and meeting.