The restaurant “La Chianca” was founded in June 2013 by an accurate restructuring of DeRistorante La Chianca Marinis building, when Verriello family decided to start a new business, restaurant .

The name was chosen because the restaurant is built exclusively whit this type of stone that characterizes and dominate the inner city.

The originality of the restaurant and polite service makes “La Chianca” particularly comfortable for any occasion.

Our cousine is renewed continuously with dishes that respect our culinary culture enriched by the creativity and experience of the chef Enzo Persia.

All is combined with a wide range of wines, stored in the basement, to satisfy every palate.

Our wood-buring oven will satisfy those who love pizza, baked in various types and with goodness of real pizza.

La Chianca organizes, in hot summer evenings, dinner with live music to be eaten outdoors in the square in front of the restaurant.

During the course of the year there are available holiday menùs, which you can find up-to-date on our news page. The staff is at your service to give you good times and is waiting every day for lunch and dinner. We are closed on Tuesday.

…many plates one passion!